Stonelost Dwarves

The Stonelost are the displaced builders of Dwarvenhearth, their ancient realm below the city of Ptolus. Driven out of their ancestral home by Ghul hundreds of years ago, they refuse to go back, and now they live in and around the city of Ptolus. No nondwarf knows, or at least understands, why they will not go back to reclaim their ancient city. To the Stonelost, however, it represents a life they feel they no longer deserve. By deserting their home, they lost the rights to it. Yet they refuse to permit anyone else to go into Dwarvenhearth, either. That would be a defilement of a perfect memory.

The Stonelost have great skill with stone and metal. In the city, they frequently work as artisans, architects, engineers, or merchants dealing in stone or metal. Most dwarves in Ptolus are Stonelost by a fair margin, although some do not actually call Ptolus home. These actually live in the largest gathering of Stonelost dwarves, Kaled Del, a subterranean community beneath Ptolus near one of the entrances to Dwarvenhearth.

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