Traits and Stats


Physical Qualities

Half-elves tend to be sturdier of build than elves but more slender than most humans. Half-elves have the
same range of complexions as humans and elves, and like elves, half-elves often have eye or hair colors
not normally found among humans. Male half-elves can grow facial hair, unlike male elves, and often
sport thin mustaches, goatees, or short beards. Half-elves’ ears are about the size of human ears, but they
are tapered, like the ears of their elven ancestors.

Half-elves usually adopt the dress and hairstyles of the society they spend the most time with; for example,
a half-elf raised among a barbaric human tribe dresses in the furs and skins favored by the tribe and adopts
the tribe’s style of braids and face paint. However, it would not be unusual for half-elves raised among humans
to seek out articles of elven clothing or jewelry so that they can proudly display signs of their dual heritage.

Half-elves have life spans comparable to humans,
but like elves they remain vigorous well into old age.

Playing a Half-Elf

Half-elves are more than just a combination of two races—the combination of human and elf blood produces
a unique race with qualities all its own. They share some of the natural grace, athleticism, and keen
perceptiveness of elves, along with the passion and drive of humans. But in their own right, they are charismatic,
confident, and open-minded and are natural diplomats, negotiators, and leaders.

Half-elves like to be around people, the more diverse the better. They gravitate toward population
centers, especially larger settlements where members of many races mingle freely. Half-elves cultivate large
networks of acquaintances, as much out of genuine friendliness as for practical purposes. They like to
establish relationships with humans, elves, and members of other races so they can learn about them, the
way they live, and how they make their way in the world.

Half-elves rarely settle down for any length of time. Their wanderlust makes them natural adventurers,
and they quickly make themselves at home wherever they end up. When their paths take them back to a
place they have visited before, they track down old friends and renew old contacts.

Ultimately, half-elves are survivors, able to adapt to almost any situation. They are generally well liked and
admired by everyone, not just elves and humans. Theyare empathetic, better at putting themselves in others’
shoes than most.

Half-elves naturally inspire loyalty in others, and they return that feeling with deep friendship and a
keen sense of responsibility for those who place themselves in their care. Half-elf warlords and generals do
not order their followers into danger that they would not face themselves, and they usually lead from the
front, trusting their allies to follow.

Half-elves have no culture of their own and are not a numerous people. They usually bear human or elf
names, sometimes using one name among elves and a different one among humans. Some are anxious about
their place in the world, feeling no kinship with any race, except other half-elves, but most call themselves
citizens of the world and kin to all.

Half-Elf Characteristics:
Accommodating, adaptable, charming, confident, gregarious, open-minded

Male Names:
Typically elf or human names, though some half-elves have names more typical of other races

Female Names:
Typically elf or human names, though some half-elves have names more typical of other races

Half-Elf Adventurers

Three sample half-elf adventurers are described below.

Daran is a half-elf warlord and an enthusiastic tactician.
He has no aspirations to march at the head of an army; he is content leading a small band of friends in
a quest for personal glory. Wealth is a welcome benefit of adventuring, and between adventures, he enjoys
spending his time and wealth in the world’s cities. He wins friends easily, draws on a wide network of contacts
to find adventuring opportunities, and can call in favors across the land.

Shuva is a half-elf warlock whose brooding force of personality inspires more fear than loyalty. Unlike
many of her kind, she grew up feeling part of neither human nor elven society. She has always been a loner
and is accustomed to relying only on herself. Now that she’s part of an adventuring group, she’s slowly learning
to trust her companions.

Calder is a half-elf paladin of Pelor, the god of the sun. A strong sense of compassion leads Calder to aid
those in need and alleviate their suffering in any way he can. Often he fights against evil forces that prey on
the weak, whether the forces are bandits harrying caravans or gnolls laying waste to farmsteads. He refuses
to let fighting define him, however, and spends more time helping the victims of hardship than he does celebrating
his successes.

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