Grailwarden Dwarves

In ages long past, the Grailwarden dwarves settled the Prustan Peninsula in the Hotash Mountains. When the Prust spread northward, their dwarven allies came with them and helped establish the Empire of Tarsis. The Grailwarden dwarves take their name from the White Grail, a fabulously powerful artifact they uncovered as they carved their main fortress-city into the side of a mountain. They renamed the fortress Grail Keep and proclaimed that watching over the Grail was their destiny. They have done so ever since.

Grailwarden dwarf artisans are known for their skill with gears, lenses, gunpowder, and other devices. Unlike other dwarves, they also are known for their use of magic—but it is a studious, methodical approach to magic. They treat spells as they would any science. Dwarves in general are fabulous artisans, and throughout the Empire people prize dwarf-crafted items more than any other.

Grailwarden dwarves are usually fairly serious, dedicated, and hardworking, but not as gruff or unsociable as other dwarves. They get along with humans, but the various types of elves are only tolerable to them. They dislike orcs, but not as much as other dwarves do. They have no general opinions about most other races.

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