Traits and Stats


Physical Qualities

Dwarves average about 4½ feet in height and are very broad, weighing as much
as an adult human. Dwarves have the same variety of skin, eye, and hair colors as
humans, although dwarf skin is sometimes gray or sandstone red and red hair is
more common among them. Male dwarves are often bald and braid their long beards
into elaborate patterns. Female dwarves braid their hair to show clan and ancestry.
Dwarven attire and equipment, including weapons and shields, are decorated with
bold geometric shapes, natural gems, and ancestral faces.

Although they reach physical maturity at roughly the same age as humans, dwarves
age more slowly and remain vigorous well past 150 years of age, often living to see 200.

Playing a Dwarf

Proudly proclaiming they were made from the earth itself, dwarves share many
qualities with the rock they love. They are strong, hardy, and dependable. They
value their ancestral traditions, which they preserve through the ages as fiercely
as they defend the carved structures of their mountain homes. Dwarves believe
in the importance of clan ties and ancestry. They deeply respect their elders, and
they honor long-dead clan founders and ancestral heroes. They place great value
on wisdom and the experience of years, and most are polite to elders of any race.
More so than most other races, dwarves seek guidance and protection from the
gods. They look to the divine for strength, hope, and inspiration, or they seek to
propitiate cruel or destructive gods. Individual dwarves might be impious or openly
heretical, but temples and shrines of some sort are found in almost every dwarven
community. Dwarves revere Moradin as their creator, but individual dwarves honor
those deities who hold sway over their vocations; warriors pray to Bahamut or Kord,
architects to Erathis, and merchants to Avandra—or even to Tiamat, if a dwarf is
consumed by the dwarven taste for wealth.

Dwarves never forget their enemies, either individuals who have wronged them or entire races of
monsters who have done ill to their kind. Dwarves harbor a fierce hatred for orcs, which often inhabit
the same mountainous areas that dwarves favor and which wreak periodic devastation on dwarf communities.
Dwarves also despise giants and titans, because the dwarf race once labored as the giants’ slaves. They
feel a mixture of pity and disgust toward those corrupted dwarves who still have not freed themselves
from the giants’ yoke—azers and galeb duhrs among them.

To a dwarf, it is a gift and a mark of deep respect to stand beside an ally in battle, and a sign of deepest
loyalty to shield that ally from enemy attack. Dwarven legends honor many heroes who gave their lives to save
their clans or their friends.

Dwarven Characteristics:
Acquisitive, brave, hardworking, loyal, organized, stern, stubborn, tenacious, vengeful

Male Names:
Adrik, Baern, Berend, Darrak, Eberk,Fargrim,
Gardain, Harbek, Kildrak, Morgran, Orsik,Rangrim,
Thoradin, Thorfin, Tordek, Travok, Vondal, Yargrim

Female Names:
Artin, Bardryn, Diesa, Eldeth, Falkrunn, Gurdis,
Helja, Kathra, Kristryd, Mardred, Riswynn, Torbera

Dwarven Adventurers

Three sample warven adventurers are described below.

Travok is a dwarf paladin committed to the service of Kord. Wearing shining plate armor crafted and
proudly worn by his great-grandfather, Travok presents an impenetrable line of defense, defying his enemies
to get past him to reach his allies. True to his god and the honor of his ancestors, Travok relishes his physical
strength and endurance, vowing that nothing will move him from his place. He is fiercely loyal to his
friends, and if the need arises, he will lay down his life to ensure that they live.

Kathra is a dwarf cleric devoted to Moradin, the Great Carver who formed the dwarves out of stone
and liberated them from their servitude to the giants. Swinging a warhammer engraved with the hammerand-
anvil symbol of her god, Kathra stands next to her fighter companion, trusting in divine power, the
chainmail she made herself, and her own natural resilience to protect her from her enemies. Her dearest
hope is to craft a legacy that will last through the ages, as beautiful and enduring as the finest dwarven
jewelry—a legacy of peace and justice in this troubled world.

**Tordek* is a dwarf fighter, last in a long line of noble warriors. Three generations ago, his family’s ancestral
fortress was overrun by orcs and laid to waste, leaving Tordek with nothing but a signet ring and tales of
ancient glory as his birthright. He has sworn that he will rebuild the fortress one day, and that oath drives
his every action. In the meantime, his adventuring companions know they can rely on him completely,
and someday he will rely on them to help him reclaim his kingdom.

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