Cherubim Elves



As ancient as the Shoal elves (and, for that matter, the Elder Elves), Cherubim elves are unknown in many places of the world simply because they have never found comfort living among others not of their kind. Cherubim are winged elves with lightweight frames to help them soar high in the sky. They come to Ptolus only rarely—and when they do, they spend their time almost exclusively among other elves.


Cherubim elves are self-absorbed and typically somewhat timid, preferring to fly over or away from danger rather than confront it. Aware of their physical fragility, they know that the best way for them to survive is to stay wary and alert. Their greatest fear is that something might happen to their wings. Introspective and contemplative, Cherubim speak only when necessary and have no time for humor, song, or frivolity. Many Cherubim are curious and investigative, which often clashes with their inherent fear—apprehension usually wins out.

Physical Description

Cherubim are thin and frail even by elf standards. Their skin is very pale—almost white—and their hair is typically black, pale blond, or white. The feathers on their wings match their hair color, and their wingspan is usually three times their height. Their eyes are pale grey or silver. The Cherubim’s lifespan resembles that of other elves, but their birth rate is considerably lower. (As a race, their numbers are ever so slowly decreasing, rather than increasing.)


Cherubim feel skittish around nonelves. Humans and other races often mistake them for angels or aasimars, however, so most people seem favorably disposed toward them.


Cherubim share the outlook of most other elves, although they are perhaps even more aloof and retiring.

Cherubim Lands

Cherubim elves hail from Cherubar, a land named for them in the distant west. They prefer mountainous regions, particularly places accessible only from the air. Cherubim are not farmers or herders, but hunters and gatherers—mostly gatherers. Their communities are very small.


Cherubim worship most of the same gods as other elves, but also Ahaar and other airoriented deities.


Cherubim elves speak Elvish.


Cherubim names are similar to other elven names, except that they do not use surnames.


Cherubim elves rarely adventure, simply because they are a bit timid and physically quite weak. Their ability to fly is such an asset, however, that most Cherubim who do attempt such a dangerous profession find that they are well suited to it.

Racial Traits

Cherubim characters possess the following racial traits:

Abilities: +4 Dexterity, –4 Constitution.
Size: Medium size.
Speed: Cherubim base land speed is 30 feet. They also can fly with a speed of 40 and average maneuverability.
Special Abilities: Low-light vision.
Racial Skills: +2 racial bonus on Spot checks.
Automatic Languages: Common and Elven.
Bonus Languages: Gnomish and Halfling.
Favored Class: Wizard.
Level Adjustment: +2.

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