House Rules

Character Creaiton Rules

  • The following Classes are allowed:
    • Artificer
    • Cleric
    • Fighter
    • Paladin
    • Ranger
    • Rogue
    • Warlock
    • Warlord
    • Wizard
  • All Players may choose their Character's city of origin and take advantage of related starting bonuses as described in the Backgrounds section.
  • You may not choose magic items as your starting gear except for the following:
    • Healing Potions
    • Sun Rods
    • Spell Components / Regnants and Spellbooks (for Wizards, Sorcerers and Clerics)
  • You begin the game knowing each-other and as members of an established yet relatively new Adventuring Group.
  • Make sure you have a general idea of your character's relationship with the other characters in the party. Collectively come up with a reason or a small background story as to how and why you have managed to form an alliance and what have you done prior to your journey to Winterhaven. Submitting the paragraph writeup of such a story will yield 50xp to each member of your party.
  • It is not required to submit your character's Personal Background Story but such are highly appreciated and will be used to make the game more interesting for you in the future and is worth an additional 50xp apon approval.
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